My Story

I am a blessed mom of three very talented and active kids, as well as a wife of a very supportive husband. I have been in the world of health and fitness for over 20 years, competing in NCAA Division 1 Track and Field and earning my Masters Degree in Exercise Science.

The focus of my education was rehabilitation and aging. I began with athletic training, by assessing and diagnosing injury as well as helping with injury rehabilitation and injury prevention. During the last several years of my education, I assisted with and conducted research as it pertains to the effects of exercise among the older adult population, specifically strength and balance. The outcomes of the research conducted is still being presented all over the world today! It shows that it doesn’t matter the age of a person nor their fitness level, strength and balance can still be obtained, improving quality of life.

Over the last 20 years I have had the opportunity to apply my education to a vast range of health and fitness outlets: assisted living fitness specialist, a rehabilitation gym, personal trainer, club management, in-home training, virtual training, and ultimately exercise therapy. The years have also allowed me to apply my education to a vast range of individuals: weight loss, strength training, group exercise, older adults, neurological and debilitating diseases, injury, special needs, and learning delays and disorders. The biggest lesson I have learned throughout my career is that no one fits into a specific exercise prescription box thus creativity is always essential, which also means continual learning and research are just as important.


Next Steps…

My desire is to enhance an individual’s quality of life through movement an integrative exercise. Contact me to get started.

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